5 Things You Can Do To Get Out of A Funk

5 Things You Can Do To Get Out of A Funk

Everyone has been through hard times. Some days might even seem hopeless. The world can feel like a scary place when you’re overwhelmed. But life has shown us that people are resilient under the darkest circumstances. So here are five things to consider when you’re finding it hard to believe that better times will come.

 1.       Your Health

No matter what you’re going through, if you have your health, you’re wealthy. You might take it for granted but being strong and healthy is probably your biggest asset.

 Look after your body, eat well, stay fit. Try a new exercise routine or yoga. Make sure that you are getting enough rest. Be game-ready for the next opportunity.

 2.     The Sun will Rise Tomorrow

Even the worst day comes to an end, and you get a chance to do better Tomorrow. Agonizing over past failures is as pointless as worrying about the future. Be kind to yourself. You can only manage one thing at a time.

 Take your motto from Gever Tulley – “Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work through difficult problems.”

 3.     You Are Full of Potential

Do you believe you can live your best life? Do you think you can be successful and happy? Or does it feel like success is only for the lucky few?  

All humans are born full of potential.  You have everything you need right now within you to create the life you want. The only thing stopping you from meeting your potential is you and your thoughts. It’s called “stinkin thinkin.”  And to get to where you want to be, you must change your mind. Think of changing a channel. You are switching from that show that you don’t like to the one you can’t wait to watch. Adjusting your mind will take more effort, but it is worth the reward. Change how you speak to yourself and how you visualize your goals. To get from here to there, you have to change your mindset from self-loathing to self-love.

 4.     Learn to Look on the Bright Side

It’s doubtful that everything in your life will go wrong at once. So, when things are not going your way, hang onto the good things in your life. Make a gratitude list of all the things that are right in your life.

 If you look for happiness, you will find it. Practice looking for things to be thankful for, starting with being alive right now. Hard times come, but they do not last forever. And remember, you have overcome one hundred percent of all the challenges you have faced. You are living proof.

 My father used to say, “Any day you don’t make the paper is a good day.” Meaning that if you did not appear in the newspaper’s crime or obituary section, you were doing alright. It’s a simplified and funny antidote, but every day is a new opportunity. Allow yourself to start over each day looking on the bright side.

 During the toughest challenge of my life, every morning, I told myself, “Something good is going to happen today.” Of course, sometimes I was crying when I said it, but I had to give myself hope.

 5.     Challenges Make You Stronger

If you’re down in the middle of a life crisis, remember that when you come out on the other end, you’ll be stronger and wiser than before. You will know more about yourself and that you’re far more capable than you knew. And despite feeling crushed, you made it!

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