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The Perfect Lemonade is a blog, podcast, and clothing brand about obtaining and maintaining joy, happiness, and resilience. It is a labor of love that I held onto for many years. Since high school, I have used journaling and collecting quotes to process my emotions and remind myself of things that life’s difficulties make us forget.

After dealing with some of life’s particularly intense hardships, I was confident there was a method to obtain and maintain balance. I was sure that method included knowing three things. What brought me joy? What made me happy? How did I use that knowledge to facilitate resilience? Later on, as I researched resilience, I discovered that resilience is a skill that can be taught and reinforced.

Almost daily, I am deeply aware that we need to be reminded of things we once knew, but life made us forget. It is my pleasure to be a kind reminder:

• That you have a purpose

• That you are a walking representation of love

• You have everything you need to succeed inside of you right now


The Perfect Lemonade seeks to spread joy, promote happiness, and cultivate resilience through inspiration and education. I want to help people live better and more fulfilling lives. I do this by creating fun and informative content, either on my blog, in my podcast, or on the t-shirts I sell.