About Us

The Perfect Lemonade is a blog, podcast, and clothing brand about obtaining and maintaining; joy, happiness, and resilience. It is a labor of love that I held onto for many years. I have used journaling and positive affirmations to remind myself of the good things that life’s difficulties can make us forget.

My healing allowed me to appreciate: What brought me joy? What made me happy? And how could I use that knowledge to facilitate resilience?

I was inspired to learn that resilience is a skill that can be taught and reinforced. We all need friendly reminders of things we once knew before life made us forget. It is my pleasure to remind you:

That you have a purpose.

That you are a walking representation of love.

You have everything you need to succeed inside of you right now.



The Perfect Lemonade seeks to spread joy, promote happiness, and cultivate resilience through inspiration and education. I want to help people live better and more fulfilling lives. I do this by creating fun and informative content, either on my blog, in my podcast, or on the t-shirts I sell.